Lemondrop Girl

Sean Murray (Reay) and I met for lunch one afternoon a couple of months ago and we tried to develop a story and all of our location prospects fell through, so rather than focus largely on story, we went with vibe. Though if I were to try to find my own symbolism that it makes me think about, this video feels fleeting. The running essentially representing that feeling of “I haven’t figured out my life!”. That we all feel at some point.

Ayana our lead actress in the video has a sense of fashion and she came up with the wardrobe, if it were left up to the clumpy dudes around, we probably would have grabbed a yellow rain coat and thought “lemondrops amiright?!”

A big shout out to everyone involved, Sean for his trust in my videography and editing, Ayana for her participation in acting, wardrobe and helping me with concept and throwing out ideas as we brainstormed shots on location. As well as a big shout out to the band for playing through the song 1000 times for me and making it a fun day of shooting!

Check out more of Reay’s music at reaymusic.com


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