I love all things creative. It starts with music, and ends with entertainment. I love being on stage, creating and performing and most of all I love that feeling you get with the end result of something you imagined into existence.

I specialize in creating original music. I’ve been drawn to music and use it to communicate my experiences. I spent most of my musical journey in dusty bars all over Canada, performing on stage growing an audience and touring around in my band. I later recognized my passion for film and how complimentary music and visual are together and have since been seeking to grow my career as a Composer for film and tv.

What People Say

This song has an incredible sound. He has an amazing voice, well written lyrics and a wonderfully done video to back it up. It is amazing that this guy isn’t known, as he could be a powerful force in his music genre all day long.

No Hope For the Human Race

His voice ranges from subtle and wispy to rich and booming, and his intimate songs resonate strongly with audiences. Aaron’s music ranges from metal to rock to acoustic folk, an apropos mix considering his young age and wide view of the world. We think you will be drawn-in and intrigued when Aaron hits the stage.

Joe Cornelisse

Aaron’s voice was just perfect in the gallery.

Orillia Museum of Art & History

Let’s build something together.