It’s been a second, hasn’t it?

Haven’t been able to concentrate on creating a full time business as some unexpected changes came into our lives and my partner and I have uprooted across the country and have been very busy resetting life. I am now settled in Vancouver from Ontario after 30 years and I must say it was an intenseContinue reading “It’s been a second, hasn’t it?”

Life Long Friends on the Playground again

Adam Southorn is someone I’ve known literally my entire life. And throughout my life, one thing that has always stood out about Southy, is that he is a true athlete. Baseball, Hockey, Track and Field, whatever sport you want to play, he would always just blast off and make you work way harder than you’dContinue reading “Life Long Friends on the Playground again”

An interestingly inspiring week.

Well I got to work with Cole Bennett (Portage Creative) and Tony Bianco who’ve put together an interactive workshop called “Be More Creative”. Any age could apply this workshop, it could be decent in the workplace as well. I thought it was an excellent piloted program and with more chances to get in front ofContinue reading “An interestingly inspiring week.”