Paul Anka – Put Your Head On My Shoulder (Cover)

I woke up the other day and was scrolling in bed and I stumbled upon an acoustic cover of this song. Sung by an older lady with her doggy in her lap. I watched it like three times, I always loved that main vocal hook and I thought “hey, I could probably rip something a little more rock/grunge style” and, I had in mind to dirty up the vocals but honestly the vocals rip so hard that there’s already a powerful stride behind it so I figured I’d just keep er clean and do my best to stay true to the original, vocally anyway.

I hope you enjoy!

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The Perfect View

I wrote this song after finishing the entire Brought About Autumn EP which I chose December 11th to “release”. Something about this slow groove brings me to a place of comfort. I struggle with self doubt everyday that passes by and being 32 next month, not having much to show for a music career and funnily enough I’ll be getting my forklift license the same day I release an album, one can’t help but feel like a meme. I may not write hits but I write songs for when life hits. I’ve come to terms that I might just make music for myself and that’s alright with me. I appreciate the small circle that takes the time to listen to my music and that will always be immeasurable to me. This song is a representation of many hefty feelings combined. A big bursting ball of fire felt fitting. haha. Lyrics are in the description on youtube. The song will be on spotify by the end of the year. Brought About Autumn is an 8 song EP out everywhere December 11th 2020. Thanks for being here!

Check out Summer Birds!

Summer Birds is a place I can be who I am and not worry about a single thing. I’m still working on the production side of things so I write songs that call for experimentation with mixing and mastering. So while the songwriting is part of the equation, everything I release is me trying to do better than the last. I hope people enjoy what I make because it’s really all I’ve put time into. I know it’s not for everybody but I know when times are tough, this type of music can bring strength and recovery.

Anyway blah blah please have a listen! and Share and support if you like it! You can stream Summer Birds on all platforms!

Thanks so much.

“The Best Part”

Apr 20, 2011

Video Written and Directed by Orillia Photographer, Cole Bennett Get the “Rest Easy” Album in iTunes: Song Written and Performed by Aaron Mangoff Crew: Nekoda Hounsome Main Actor: Bill Shaw Young Boy: Joshua Young Girl: Alyssa Special thanks to everyone who contributed time, effort, locations and props to this endeavor! Illustrative Photographer and Visual Creative based in Orillia Ontario.