Pasta baby!

Trying to make something as simple as a homemade meal or a mug look tight! You might notice one mug photo has crumbs the other it does not. I am proud.

It’s been a second, hasn’t it?

Haven’t been able to concentrate on creating a full time business as some unexpected changes came into our lives and my partner and I have uprooted across the country and have been very busy resetting life. I am now settled in Vancouver from Ontario after 30 years and I must say it was an intense change and many emotions went into it and much like any life to be lived, following your gut is all you can do and the move felt right.

I have had to gain quick employment and was able to work on a food truck which was a really cool experience, and really helped me learn my way around as it was a different location everyday. Met some really nice people there. Unfortunately the job slowed down a little too much for me to be able to maintain so I’ve now moved onto a warehouse job slugging big ass cables for a living. It’s not what I picture for myself but it sounds like a challenge and I’m ready slam dunk something. It’s stable and it will help me find routine and manage the time I need to be creative for myself.

So anyway that’s a quick summary as to why I haven’t been able to land real video work in awhile but I have been making things regardless. A way to create music and apply it to something when I’m without my beloved bandmates back home.

Anyway blah blah here’s some stuff I’ve made while here so far.

PS I am hardcore leaning into wanting to make films. I’ve been taking an acting class and I’ve been playing with foley. And I’m leaning into it more openly because the people I do know here are also creatives who have honed different branches of skill and I think together we can make something great. Maybe even do it twice!

Life Long Friends on the Playground again

Adam Southorn is someone I’ve known literally my entire life. And throughout my life, one thing that has always stood out about Southy, is that he is a true athlete. Baseball, Hockey, Track and Field, whatever sport you want to play, he would always just blast off and make you work way harder than you’d ever want to.

Well for years he has had his eyes set on body building and is putting in the work that puts him to the test everyday. What I love about Adam is that he can’t fake it. His instagram is pure to his genuine feelings and not everyday is the best day, he keeps it real and you feel like you’re on the journey with him. Follow him on instagram @southysouth.

Lemondrop Girl

Sean Murray (Reay) and I met for lunch one afternoon a couple of months ago and we tried to develop a story and all of our location prospects fell through, so rather than focus largely on story, we went with vibe. Though if I were to try to find my own symbolism that it makes me think about, this video feels fleeting. The running essentially representing that feeling of “I haven’t figured out my life!”. That we all feel at some point.

Ayana our lead actress in the video has a sense of fashion and she came up with the wardrobe, if it were left up to the clumpy dudes around, we probably would have grabbed a yellow rain coat and thought “lemondrops amiright?!”

A big shout out to everyone involved, Sean for his trust in my videography and editing, Ayana for her participation in acting, wardrobe and helping me with concept and throwing out ideas as we brainstormed shots on location. As well as a big shout out to the band for playing through the song 1000 times for me and making it a fun day of shooting!

Check out more of Reay’s music at


A little web series I’ve started

This is a little web series I’ve started to try to sharpen my story telling abilities as well as my over all capacity to start and finish something, haha. I really like to connect with people and I notice that I never have a hard time getting real with people. Rob was kind enough to allow me to pilot the idea with him and speaking about mental health and stand up comedy. I had a lot of fun and I hope Rob gets to do cool shit because of his mind! Check out episode 1 of “May I Join You?”


This was a wonderful little journey Hayley and I took to Bracebridge this past weekend.