An interestingly inspiring week.

Well I got to work with Cole Bennett (Portage Creative) and Tony Bianco who’ve put together an interactive workshop called “Be More Creative”. Any age could apply this workshop, it could be decent in the workplace as well. I thought it was an excellent piloted program and with more chances to get in front of people I think the bigger the program will become.

As the videographer that day I witnessed the students engaged and involved in this workshop as it really touched on many things we don’t get to think about on a daily basis, but as the workshop proves it absolutely is possible to utilize your creativity from day to day. The notes in which Cole and Tony orchestrated really hit the mark for me as I am trying to use my own creative nature to survive now. Full time commitment to helping people create media/content for themselves and others!

After the shoot the week was shortened by a family trip to Ottawa where we got to get away and shut off for a minute. Because There’s a storm coming! And I’m ready for it! (Figurative and creatively speaking of course.)

Setting goals.

I met Ryan a few weeks ago and immediately you feel like you’ve known the guy forever. He’s a hard hitting badass with a heart of gold and he’s got 17 weeks to get into the best physical shape he can for a classic physique competition. It’s been a while since he’s been competitive with body building but in the years without, he found he still had some goals to set. And I’m here to document the journey. Did I mention he’s opening a massive one of a kind gym right here in Barrie, ON?

All I can say here is this motherf***er has drive like none other and I’m stoked to be able to document the massive changes and the discipline that goes into setting your goals high and slam dunking them into the bucket list. Here’s to 17 weeks of pure hard work and gains!

Went for a walk today

Went for a nice dinner and walk around a small beach here in Barrie. Beauty Sunday with a slight chill in the air. Snapped some photos and made our way home to wind down and think about a trip we are planning! It’s all booked but now the fun part begins filling the days with activities and sights to see. Stay tuned for where we are headed!

Happy Accidents.

In 2013 I intended on just writing tunes and singing songs for a creative outlet for the rest of my life. I thought I had it all figured out, and then I was lent a camera to try and create my own music video. Lacking the budget to spend the money on a videographer, I thought I’d try to create something on my own with an old macbook, iMovie, and a borrowed camera.

Once I put music to visual, I fell in love and over the period of about 5 years I learned everything I could from peers and eventually worked for KnightVision Media in Orillia, ON. Allowing me the opportunity to learn on high quality gear and be put into an array of situations for shooting and editing. I’ve always been a quick study growing up, but seemed to only find enthusiasm for very niche skill sets. So when I find something I feel I can understand or get better at, I lean in.

So this is where I begin the next 30 years of my life, striving to create and build ideas. It’s my hope to contribute and connect. Aaron Mangoff Media is one of those happy accidents, a second chance to explore my imagination as well as make things a reality.